Whanau Ora

Whanau Ora


Whanau Ora is an inclusive interagency approach to providing health and social services to build the capacity of all New Zealand families.

At the centre of our model for service delivery (any social service delivery), is whānau or family. ‘Whānau/family’ means the full spectrum i.e. ranging from children (pēpi) to elders (kaumātua).

Driving the whānau-centric approach are our long-term ambitions for the role of family. It empowers whānau as a whole rather than focusing separately on individual family members and their problems.

Whānau come up with their own ways of improving their lives and work on this with a hapū or iwi with our assistance.

As a whānau Ora provider we offer wrap-around services tailored to whānau needs. Whānau will have a practitioner or ‘navigator’ to work with them to identify their needs, develop a plan to address those needs and broker their access to a range of health, education or social services.

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