Kaitoko Whanau Workers

Kaitoko Whanau

Kaitoko Whānau, meaning “Family Support”, are community-based workers. 

Objectives of the Kaitoko Whānau programme are to:

  • Reduce social dislocation within participating whānau (whanaungatanga);
  • Increase access to and coordination of social assistance (kotahitanga);
  • Improve resilience and mobility in Māori communities (rangatiratanga); and
  • Improve access to quality education, employment, health services and housing opportunities’.


Te ohonga ake I taku moemoea,
Ko te puawaitanga,
O nga whakaaro

I awoke from my dream, to the blossoming of my thoughts.
Dreams become reality, when we take action.
— Treasures that Energise - by Ruth Tai

Our Kaitoko Whānau worker will focus on improving service delivery for families, rather than individuals, and foster positive development of the whānau whānui. It is strength-based support leading whānau towards a brighter future. 

Kaitoko Whānau work alongside families experiencing hardship or other life struggles, and assist them to connect with helping agencies and community providers ensuring families’ receive all of the assistance available to them. Our Kaitoko Whānau workers don't just advocate for whānau they also liaise with community groups and services to promote and encourage a wider network of support for whānau.

If you or your whānau need additional support or want to further understand what options you have that help your whānau create a better future, contact us now. 


Referrals to Kaitoko Whanau Services can also be made on-line: please click here to submit a request for referral to our service