Service Programme


This is a fees-FREE Youth Guarantee course

This course runs for 20 weeks including holidays.

This programme is designed to build foundation skills needed for employment and higher tertiary study.

Students that successfully complete this course will be able to move on to higher study or will have the following vocational pathways open to them:

  • Defence Forces                                                                                    
  • NZ Police
  • NZ Customs
  • Corrections Services


Learners are supported to gain personal competencies and skills that will enable them to make a valuable and productive contribution to the workplace in general, including literacy and numeracy, team work and knowledge of workplace requirements.


Te Runanga o Nga Maata Waka is registered as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments.


  • Fire Service
  • Primary Industries
  • Aviation Security
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The more education you have, the more chance you have of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. You will increase your employment opportunities in areas that are satisfying and well-rewarded.


Programme is comprised of:


  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Defence Force Studies
  • Navigation and Bush craft
  • Leadership Skills
  • Fitness and Physical Training
  • Communications and Computing
  • Self-management Skills
  • First Aid
  • Military Drill
  • NZ Military History
  • Aviation History
  • Maori Studies
  The more education you have, the more chance you have of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

The more education you have, the more chance you have of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.


This programme is targeted at those who have found the traditional school environment challenging and who want to develop their skills in an environemnt that is exciting, relevant and that can be a pathway top other tertiary programmes.

After successfully meeting the academic requirements of this programme, successful graduates will have gained nationally recognised employment and defence force qualifications.

This will prepare graduates to embark upon a defence force or services career. Graduates will be young men and women that New Zealand can be proud of, regardless of whether the graduate progresses into the New Zealand Defence Force, employment or further training opportunities.



Graduates will have achieved:

  • National Certificate in Cadet Forces & NCEA Level 2
  • National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1& NCEA Level 1




  • To provide learners with a head start in the defence forces
  • To provide a safe and conducive learning environment
  • To develop your employment ready skills
  • To provide learners with practical employment and training opportunities


Duration of the Programme and Eligibility 

If you qualify to access this programme through Youth Guarantee funding, you have to be aged from 16 to 19 years old, and have low or no qualifications. This is a 20 week course. 

Course Hours

  • Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

We accept enrolments throughout the year.


Remember: This is a FEES-FREE Youth Guarantee Funded course for 16-19 year olds with no qualifications through either school or tertiary study.


For more details, and to find out if you are eligible contact us now.

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