He Ara Tika

He Ara Tika 

What is He Ara Tika?  

He Ara Tika is a mentoring programme that works specifically with young Maori students attending secondary school. The mentors are volunteers who are delivering an approved programme in the  school setting.  

With the support of the Ministry of Education, we are dedicated to encouraging our Māori secondary school students to remain in education and progress to tertiary study. This means providing support, mentoring and guidance throughout the school year and involving Whanau, communities and stakeholders.

Through mentoring, the students will learn that leaving school prematurely is not the first option. Mentors will encourage them to realise their learning potential.




The Right Pathway

How do we achieve this outcome?  

Our mentors assist rangatahi to:

  • Develop positive attitudes towards learning
  • Develop career paths goals
  • Enhance self esteem
  • Enhance study skills
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Enhance stress management and conflict resolution skills
  • Enhance interpersonal relationship skills with whanau, hapu, Maori, peers and others


The He Ara Tika initiative has been developed on the following Kaupapa Māori principles:

Te Reo me nga Tikanga Māori (Māori language and culture) - The He Ara Tika initiative recognises and promotes Māori language and culture as a central component of its organisation and implementation.

Taiao (Environment) - Mainstream learning environments have, for many Māori students, been sites of struggle where competing interests have resulted in the promotion of one group’s knowledge at the expense of others.  He Ara Tika recognises the significance of the physical and spiritual environment of learning and mentoring.  Mentoring will therefore take place in a culturally appropriate environment to ensure quality teaching and learning.

Huarahi Ako (Teaching/Learning Methods) - The pedagogy informing this initiative is based on Ako, which is to both teach and to learn.  Implicit in this is the notion that knowledge and understanding are constructed together and that the Māori secondary school student and their mentors each bring knowledge, skills, experiences, beliefs and values that are important and are respected.  This recognises that of Tuakana and Teina as contextual and flexible.

Whānau (Family) - The He Ara Tika initiative recognises that Māori secondary school students are a part of a complex system of whanaungatanga (relationships) and that they are part of whānau, hapu, and iwi as well as gender, peer and other support systems.  The concept of Tuakana/Teina whereby the Tuakana comforts, nurtures, supports and guides Teina is a key principle of He Ara Tika, and recognises traditional Mäori learning and support frameworks.  Any mentoring interventions will recognise these relationships.

Rangatiratanga - The He Ara Tika initiative aims to enhance Māori secondary school student’s rangatiratanga where they gain knowledge, skills, resources and understanding that enables them to make informed decisions about themselves and their potential for both personal and collective good.

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